More Value Less Impact

Our commitment to environment

Sustainability at Nelo M.A.R Kayaks it’s about development based on three vertices: economic, environmental and social.

Initiatives to deliver value to all stakeholders, not just for today but mainly for tomorrow.

The main goal of aligning this triangle is the conviction that reflects a business activity with reduced impacts on the environment and the community, happy employees, but also the growing generation of value.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all, to promote prosperity while protecting the planet, beyond climate changes. We are guided by our beliefs and committed to achieving our vision of a clean world;

  • As pioneers in the construction and development of high-performance kayaks and canoes with an eye on the future, we soon modernized our infrastructure. We accepted the challenge and we keep developing industrial technologies and processes, which are gradually associated with a clean environment, an effort that requires a long-term commitment.
  • With a core business aligned with nature, it is part of our DNA to promote events in perfect symbiosis with that same nature, without compromising local ecosystems.
  • Our webstore has been restructured, with all the plastic in the shipping process being replaced by eco-friendly packages.
  • Water sports are our passion and we try to spread this passion around the world. We have partnered with the International Canoe Federation (ICF) in a program to develop sport in some countries from South America, Africa and Asia. Nelo’s help to these countries has materialized by supplying basic materials, tools and, above all, knowledge. Sending work teams, side by side with locals, so they can have all the skills to build their own boats and have the necessary means to introduce canoeing to new paddlers.
  • We have water consumption monitored and we implement alternative ways to ensure the reduction of this resource, to achieve the best way to optimize processes.
  • Social inclusion is part of our identity, likewise gender equity as such, there has been an increase in the number of women in our team in several departments.
  • As a waste producer we try not just to do waste management, but privilege waste recovery solutions to the detriment of their disposal. We always seek new solutions for integration in our product life cycle.
  • The search for alternative eco-friendly paddling materials is constant, our goal is to achieve better practices. Efforts are being done, and we are making progress already with several boat components.
  • Aware that transport consumes a third of all final energy in the EU and most energy comes from oil, we take this into consideration along our supply chain, being a challenging obstacle that we intend to surmount.

Nelo M.A.R Kayaks is guided by the corporate values of innovation, ambition, and treating customers and athletes , as business partners, aims to stand out in the market for its high standards, sustainably without compromising future generations.