As we are always challenging ourselves and looking for constant improvement, quality is an integral part of M.A.R.Kayaks. These principles guide our actions to deliver products with zero defects and to manufacture boats that can not only satisfy our clients, but that exceeded their expectations and that delight them!

The fulfillment of these principles is essential to achieve of our main goal and the ambition to be always recognized as the leading company in the world in its areas.

The process of creating value is not entrusted to a single person or department, but all employees across the value chain are responsible for achieving quality objectives in order to continuously improve the quality performance of our products and services.
By promoting a quality culture, we can engage the deep commitment of every single employee, so they feel completely motivated to give their own best when they are performing their duties. This culture not only solve problems, as well as anticipates potential quality issues, preventing them to really happen.

At M.A.R.Kayaks, Lda we empower our personnel with the necessary skills and tools.

Our employees have a period of training before they are able to perform their tasks and they are introduced to the principles and polices that our company undertakes, in order to achieve our stringent quality standards with transparency.

Besides our employees, the quality is also achieved through the materials and the manufacturing process. The perfect combination of carbon, epoxy resin and different fibers result in the most stiff, resistant, stable and comfortable boat.

At Nelo we also employ the latest and best technology to assess each boat’s inherent quality and conformity. By using fiber optic deformation sensors, we can measure how the boat behaves when subjected to a specific load. This project has the purpose of providing extra consistency to our boats, giving us a quality control checkpoint during the manufacturing process. Also, we can test different constructions for the boats and measure the impact of the modifications on the boat’s behavior. We can also analyze the boat’s deformation during real conditions. This procedure gives us information about the boats behavior during load conditions that is used for new constructions and new procedures. Using 3D scanning we can compare produced boats against the original shape and make sure the end result is consistent and without deviations.

*We will ensure that Quality Policy is reviewed annually and communicated to all employees and third parties.