January 5, 2024

11 Seconds

Did you know that the average time difference or gap over a 500-meter distance between a Men’s K1 and a Women’s K1 is approximately 11 seconds?

Additionally, you should know that using the Paddle Lab Boat Mini Resistor, like the one showcased at https://paddle-lab.com/paddle-lab-boat-resistor-1.html, you can neutralize this time difference.

By employing this small resistor, a K1 Man can train in a remarkably fair and competitive manner, directly alongside a K1 Woman, enabling an equal footing in their sessions.

For these calculations, we relied on Nelo’s Interboat Speed Calculator, available at https://www.nelo.eu/paddlingconnection/what-is-the-interboat-speed-calculator/.

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Nelo Kayaks Team
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