February 7, 2024

The Advantages of Rotating Seat

The rotating seat became known soon after it was developed in Australia, patented by MAX Kayaks, as many of their top paddlers used it in the early 2000s.

All athletes who use or used the rotating seat agree about its advantages:

Improve technique: Rotating seats allow paddlers to engage their body rotation more effectively in each stroke, resulting in a more rhythmic and balanced stroke

Power & Efficiency: The seat movement allows a more natural leg drive resulting in an easier rotation of the hips and torso, which generates more power and speed per stroke.

Reduced Strain & Injury: A more “loose” movement of the hips is, maybe, the only disadvantage of the rotating seat, but this can potentially reduce the tensions in the lower back. The very comfortable shape of the seat, that is as it is to improve the ability to rotate, is also a shape that avoids cuts and other skin injuries even in the long winter sessions.

In short, if one can control the movement using a rotating seat it can offer a competitive edge by optimizing technique, agility, and comfort, if not possible to control the movement at higher intensities it will still be a great tool for technique training and improvement.

Rotating Seat is available at https://paddle-lab.com/rotating.html

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