By on November 3, 2020

The Nelo Power House is a multifunction machine, specially designed for Kayak training, but not limited to. With all its dynamics you can work all muscle groups, while replicating the feeling of a real kayak.


The Power House is packed in a cardboard box, with its storage bag.

For unpacking, you should place the box on the floor, lightly cut the adhesive tape from the cardboard box and open it from the bottom up, tearing off the staples.

 The machine will be folded and tied with an elastic band together with the TRX strap and the footrest. It will follow a bag with four screws (01), eight washers (02), four self-locking nuts (03), two large support brackets (04) and two small (05), four screws (06) with four support brackets. carbon (07), a sports camera support (08) and a No. 10 ratchet wrench (09).


1- Unscrew the two round head screws (11) from the two side bars (10) that are supported on the metal structure.

2- Screw the two large support brackets (04) and the two small ones (05);

3- Rotate the metal structure;

4- Tighten the metal side bars (10) and place together with the washers (02) and nuts (03). With the support of pointed pliers, hold the nut (03) and tighten the screw with the ratchet wrench nº10 (09).

5- Tighten the two side screws that support the metal bar (10);

6- Screw in the four screws (06), with the four carbon supports (07);

7- Place the “car” on the metal structure, make sure the wheels are well supported;

8- Configure the seat and place the footrest;

9- Place the accessory for the mobile device (08);

10- Stretch the TRX strap and place it in between the carbon supports;

11- Place the machine where you will train. Make sure you have a space of 1.5 meters on each side and 1 meter behind and in front of you;

12- Preferably, place a mirror facing you while performing the exercise;

13- Place your phone in the holder and start the application (Download the application). Follow the instructions in the topic MOBILE APP;

14- Assemble the machine according to the video instructions available on our website.


Once assembled, do not stand the machine upright.

The Power House is a foldable device, the two parts can be placed vertically. For more compact storage use the storage elastic.

 1- Remove the rubber bands from the “car”;

2- Remove the “car” from the metal structure;

3- Unscrew the side screws of the metal bars (10)

4- Fold the metal frame and replace the side screws to avoid losing them. Take the “car”, lean against the folded metal structure and secure everything with the storage elastic;

5- Place the Power House in the protective bag and store it in a safe place.

Care should be taken when storing the appliance, as its balance may change suddenly.