How to use

By on November 3, 2020


  1. Assemble the machine as per instructions video below;
  2. Setup the seat and footrest as in your K1;
  3. Give it a 1.5 meter space on each side and 1 mt behind you;
  4. Preferentially place a mirror facing you;
  5. Place your phone on the holder and start the app (Download here);
  6. Connect your Power House charger in the box under the “car”;
  7. Make sure your Bluetooth and location are on.

 When the machine is not in use, it is best to leave the handle on the cockpit instead of on the floor or resting on any surface. This will extend the life of the material.


  1. Choose from the option of 0 to 8 elastics, depending on what exercise and training you wish to do;
  2. Check the exercise guide to see our suggestions of resistance for the different exercises;
  3. For training consider the suggested speeds:
    1. Absolute Strength – 0,5 m/s
    2. Endurance Strength – 0,75- 1 m/s
    3. Speed Power Strength – 1 – 1.3 m/s

Start by placing 1 or 2 rubber bands, and look for a speed between 60 and 100 ppm.

The best all-purpose shock absorber configuration for optimal cardiovascular training is in the 2-3 elastic range. Exercising with the setting too high can be detrimental to your workout, reducing your production and increasing the risk of injury. If you are working at a higher setting, this may seem a little light at first, but wait a few days. The lower setting implies that you are a little faster in applying your strength, which, in the end, provides a better workout.


  1. Release all elastics
  2. Turn the “car” around
  3. Make sure the wheels are well placed in the frame



Download here!


Conect your Power House charger in the box under the “car”.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and your Location and open “Nelo Power House App”.
  2. Press the button to choose from 0 to 8 elastics, depending on what exercise and training you wish to do.
  3. Fill in your weight.
  4. Choose the direction of the exercise (Front or Back).
  5. Press Start.
  6. As you finish your sets press done to see a resume of your perfomance.
  7. Repeat and adjust according to your plans.