Rudders & CFD Analysis

Nelo offers a variety of sprint rudders, designed with different purposes and behaviours in mind. but one thing remains the same across the board: they are all optimized to be as efficient as possible, with the perfect balance between directional control and reduced drag. We have done extensive CFD analysis to the rudder range to make sure they have the best shape in the conditions they will be used for.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a powerful tool in engineering, allowing for detailed simulations of fluid dynamics to optimize designs before physical prototypes are created. Using this technology in rudder development, Nelo ensures that the shape of each is fine-tuned to perform optimally in the intended conditions.

Nelo is dedicated to providing high-performance equipment, giving athletes confidence in the functionality and efficiency of their equipment, not only in kayaks but also in many other pieces and parts. This focus on design, variety and scientific analysis can contribute to a better user experience for athletes and enthusiasts who trust Nelo products for their water activities.

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