March 15, 2023

Will Canoeing Burn a Slice of Chocolate Cake?

A slice of chocolate cake can greatly vary in its caloric content but let’s keep it simple and consider an average of 300kcal/piece.

As it is generically known, all athletic activities burn calories and canoeing it’s no different.

Plus, the longer and more intensive the workout, the more calories burned.

But how much do I have to paddle to eat a piece of chocolate cake with no regrets?

It will depend on a number of different factors, especially which distance or time you’re going to paddle, but let’s try to put it all together in a basic way.

Remembering the same formula from How to Calculate the Perfect Beer Paddling. We know that on average people burn 5.3 calories/min while paddling.

That way we can know how many calories can we burn per hour. So simple as:

Calories per Hour = Calories per Minute x 60.

Calories per Hour = 320 Calories.

Can I know more about the cake and less about math?

Sure, but it will be needed more math!

We can easily find this number with this formula:

X= Calories from cake / calories burned per min

X= 300 / 5.3

X= 56 minutes

In short, if you want to eat a piece of chocolate cake with no regrets you must know in your head that you will need to paddle for about 1 hour.

Remember that this is just a generic exercise, all values are variable depending on the gender, training volume and intensity, as many others…

Anyway, canoeing is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and calories burn, spend time outdoors, train your physical endurance and even boost your mood and you can burn enough calories working out to equal the calories consumed from any piece of cake.

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