Modality: Fitness boats

K2 Viper 48

The K2 Viper 48 is the more challenging, pure Fitness boat from the Viper line. With the volume of a classic touring model, a max-width of 48 cm, the 48 will be the boat for any athlete looking for a challenging fitness boat. The Viper Family The Viper has been one of the most successful … Continued

K2 Viper 55

The K2 Viper 55 is a stable and fast fitness K2 recommended for masters and younger paddlers. With a max width of 55 cm, the Nelo Viper 55 K2 will be the right boat for any athletes looking for more focus on power and less on the balance. The Viper Family The Viper has been … Continued

Viper 51 Mahogany

The new Viper 51 Mahogany is the perfect example of the Nelo/Struer partnership. With its 51cm wide, the Viper 51 has the classic volume of a touring model. It is perfect for any athlete looking for a more traditional fitness model combined with the elegance and character of a Mahogni Nelo/Struer boat. The Viper Family … Continued