Boat: 5.2 x 0.41 m

Cockpit: 0.91 x 0.37 m

Seat to Footrests: 0.65 - 0.93 m

Stability: 1

Athletes: < 65 Kg


WWR: 10 Kg

SCS: 11 Kg

G: 11 Kg

F: 11 Kg

E: 7 Kg

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About the boat

The inverted hull bow keeps the boat closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces unwanted heading changes. With its streamlined deck the athlete  is able to do the catch and push almost without noticing the deck is even there, in a new concept of total freedom of movement. Its tailored cockpit provide the most comfortable position possible in each one of the 6 different sizes available. The stern gives a huge support at the back for a quicker recovery effect out of the water, reducing pitch and heading movement. The new rudder has now a deeper profile for an increased heading stabilization without increasing drag or reducing turning rate.

Action Video