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About Us

NELO Auctions

  1. Purpose
    1. A direct tool to sell special or limited editions
    2. Create the opportunity to anyone around the globe to acquire an one of a kind Kayak/Ski or Canoe.
    3. Raise Funds for the Development of the sport.
  2. How it works
    1. Nelo by itself, or in cooperation with athletes or organizations will make available a craft to be sold in an auction
    2. An institution and a percent of the value of the sale, will be chosen to receive the donation to the social development of the sport
    3. The craft will be available for bidding for a max period of 30 days, and delivery conditions will be published on case by case basis.
  3. How to be involved
    1. If an institution or a private has in hand a Nelo craft that they consider to be valuable and unique, they can propose to Nelo their inclusion in the auction page.
    2. If your institution or federation has a project for the social development of our sport, they can apply to receive donations